About Us

Juggles and Glitter will, first and foremost, bring even more fun, smiles, and laughter to any event. They have received professional training from some of world’s most renowned clowns, face painters, balloon artists, and mimes. Everything they do is done with style, the highest quality, and their genuine warmth and caring nature. They provide their own special form of entertainment delivered straight from the heart.

We carry performers’ liability insurance through World Clown Association.

Skills Include

  • Clowning
  • Face Painting
  • Juggling
  • Mime
  • Clown Magic
  • Walk-around
  • Hospital Clowning
  • Balloon Animals
  • Balloon Decorating

Training Includes

  • Face and Body Art International Convention
  • Twist and Shout Balloon Convention
  • New Jersey Center of Mime
  • MCATU (Magicians, Clowns, and Twisters University)
  • Balloon Decorating Seminar
  • NY Goofs Ultimate Clown School and Physical Comedy Intensive
  • COAI (Clowns of America International) Convention
  • COAI Convention – 1st Place Award, Paradeability
  • Clown City Convention
  • Clowns in Paradise Convention
  • Northwest Festival of Clowns
  • International Jugglers’ Convention
  • Clownfest

Professional Affiliations

  • COAI (Clowns of America International)
  • WCA (World Clowns of America)
  • COAI Alley – Merri-Makers
  • Heartbeats, Hospital Clown Troupe
  • North Jersey Face and Body Art Guild
  • International Jugglers Association
  • Red Nose Response (affiliated with the American Red Cross)

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